Dogs has been considered man’s best friend since Frederick the Great coined the term in the 18th century. In medieval times, dogs were used primarily for utilitarian purposes, while in modern times, dogs provide emotional support, loyalty and companionship. Most dog owners nowadays would consider their pets a member of their family.

When your parents, spouse or children get sick, most caretakers would bring them to the doctors where they will be prescribed some medicine. A similar solution would be suggested for dogs, where they would be brought to the vet, and a medical solution would be prescribed. Pawfect Health provides health products, probiotics and supplements to help with any deficiencies and ailments your dog may be dealing with.

Like humans, dogs are living longer than ever with advances in veterinary medicine. Similar to us, a common ailment afflicting dogs as they grow older is arthritis. Unlike us though, dogs aren’t able to communicate their symptoms to us verbally. Any soreness or tightness in their joints they may feel might not be visible to us until it is severe. It is all too common that when a vet finally diagnoses

arthritis, there is already intense scarring, torn cartilage and changes to the joint structure. This is why it is important to take preventative measures against arthritis to help your dog fight before visible symptoms set in.

Dog arthritis remedy Australia

Here are a few ways you can help prevent your dog from getting early onset arthritis:

  1. Taking your dog for regular vet sessions
    1. You should take your dog out for comprehensive checkups at a minimum, bi-annually.
    2. This ensures the vet can diagnose any arthritis early, and the condition can be managed from an early stage with supplements and medication.
  2. Exercising your dog regularly
    1. Keeping your dog slim can reduce the stress on their joints.
    2. Running on hard surfaces can be stressful on the joints and induce bone spurs and damage hip joints.
    3. At Pawfect Health, we would recommend trialling swimming, which is an exercise activity which is great for your dogs aerobic health and is also easy on the joints.
  3. Making sure your dog has a nutritionally balanced diet
    1. Keeping your dog’s diet balanced will ensure they neither grow too quickly or slowly for their joints
    2. Your dog’s size can grow independently of their bone structure, so feeding a diet that is too rich may mean your dog would be overweight for their skeletal system.
    3. Pawfect Health provides supplements to dogs.
      1. Our blend of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and kefferin
      2. Kefferin is a blend of Kefir and Colostrum which acts as a probiotic
  • Probiotics can help your dogs digestion, gut health and immune system
  1. Providing your dog with joint supplements
    1. Turmeric has been proven to help with joint and muscle inflammation in humans and have been used as a medicinal herb for many centuries. Recent studies have shown the same benefits in dogs.
    2. Our supplements contain turmeric, as well as other medicinal herbs to give an all-encompassing supplemental solution for your best friend. It helps with:
      1. Powerful anti-inflammatory
      2. Digestive system
  • Blood circulation
  1. High levels probiotic and prebiotic
  2. Essential protein

Dog healthcare products Australia – how to use the Pawfect health supplement

Our Pawfect health supplement comes in a 330mL container. You can start your pet with a quarter teaspoon serving with their regular meals and slowly move it up to a maximum of a full teaspoon by week 4. Our supplement is versatile, and you can make it into a paste by adding water with the powder.

For the best dog arthritis supplements Australia don’t hesitate to contact us on 0405 822 097. Please call or email us if you have any questions about your dog or our supplement and we will answer your questions. You can purchase our products through the online store, and in 3-7 business days, you can rest easy knowing that your dog is taking the best preventative measures possible to keep arthritis away.